SIA DC-09 Update Starting

Here’s some news from a recent mailing from the SIA office:

“We’ve received a request from Sitasys AG and DCC Consulting (both in Switzerland) to add several extensions to DC-09. A draft of the proposed changes is attached. Please return your comments on the proposed changes, along with any additional proposals for change, to the SIA office (Attn: Joseph Gittens) by December 1, 2020.

We’d welcome comment on this proposed schedule for update of DC-09:

  • Now – Solicit requests for additional updates for DC-09
  • December 1, 2020: Close solicitation period, start DC-09 document update
  • December 14, 2020: Send out new draft of DC-09 for comment
  • January 15, 2021: Close comment period, start DC-09 document update
  • January 18, 2021: Online meeting of the Intrusion Committee to discuss DC-09 comments, and other business as appropriate
  • February 1, 2021: Send out final draft of DC-09 2021 for review and approval
  • February 15, 2021: Ballots for approval of SIA DC-09 2021 due

The final 14-day period is shorter than usual, but the document would have been before us twice with approximately 30-day action periods just before that.

If you have other business to propose for the Intrusion Standards Committee, please notify Joseph Gittens at SIA by December 14, 2020, so it can be included in the agenda for the proposed January meeting. Other business might include updates to other Intrusion standards, other requests for interpretation, or even new standards projects.”